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The Port Sector in India: A Needs Assessment of the Political Environment and Advocacy Strategies for Unions, 2012

For the International Transport Workers' Federation

The Tariff Authority for Major Ports (TAMP) regulates the entry of private companies into the port sector in India. Their orders as of 28 February 2012, lowered tariffs, threatening the very survival of the industry. The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), a global federation of unions, has been working with its affiliates in India to address labour issues in the port sector. It engaged BPF to conduct strategic communications with companies and unions to assess the types of interventions that could help port workers in this environment.

The Beedi Sector in India: An Overview - Improving Working Conditions and Employment Opportunities for Women Workers in the Beedi Industry, 2001

Beedi Sector

For ILO and Department of Labour, Karnataka

A comprehensive overview of India's beedi industry and the goals and expected outcomes of ILO's beedi sector programme. The report recommends a two pronged strategy of working with the community that includes a) mobilising female relatives of beedi workers into SHGs for alternative livelihoods, and (b) working with unions to improve the conditions of beedi workers.


Women Workers, Inequalities at Work: Report of the Survey of Women Workers' Working Conditions in Industry, 1999

For South Asian Research and Development Initiative

The study examines the working conditions of women in industry looking at wages, timings, promotions, benefits, facilities, occupational health and safety, collective bargaining and harassment at the workplace. It also tries to surface any best practices to advocate change and make collective bargaining gender sensitive