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At BPF we believe that outreach is vital to create awareness, provide information and disseminate innovations. Over the last decade, we have developed considerable expertise in advocating natural resource management, livelihoods, vocational education and gender issues.

Our policy briefs analyse key challenges, offer solutions and make recommendations for desirable change. We engage in ongoing dialogue with heads of state departments and district agencies. We also employ targeted approaches to influence issue-based taskforces in the Planning Commission of India.

Rural and Urban Governance (2001 onwards)

Our governance briefs are disseminated among national ministries and departments of rural development, urban development, watershed development, forestry, and agriculture, among others.

Decentralised District Planning: Planning and Monitoring, 2010


Centralised top-down planning in India has so far resulted in multiple programmes without an integrated vision, resulting in the need for convergence of related schemes and resources through the mechanism of constitutionally mandated decentralised and holistic planning through local bodies and District Planning Committees (DCPs).


The Peri Urban Interface, 2005

Peri Urban Interface

Based on close to a decade of research by a multi-disciplinary team, this policy brief contains guidelines for the sustainable development of the peri-urban interface (PUI). Some of these include the need for mechanisms for rural and urban collaboration, and empowering the DPC to create responsible bodies to address PUI issues.