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Best Practices Foundation (BPF) is a Bangalore-based NGO founded in 1999, to improve the quality of life for poor and marginalised communities through participatory approaches to co-create innovations that are pro-poor, inclusive and gender sensitive.

Our grassroots branch, BPF Dharwad, has been an incubation site for new ideas and innovations aimed at empowering the poor since 2005.

Our Market Oriented Value Enhancement (MOVE) innovation is a unique participatory, demand-driven livelihood training model that that been very successful in empowering participants - rural and semi-urban youth, men, women, the landless and illiterate, sexual minorities and stigmatised communities below the poverty line - to break free from poverty and social marginalisation by setting up and sustaining their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Our core strength is our research and documentation capacity. We strive to build a strong knowledge base in partnership with government and other institutions by developing innovations, producing toolkits to scale up initiatives, influencing policy, documenting case studies, conducting action research and programme evaluations, and publishing books and compendiums on best practices for sustainable development. We identify gaps and best practices through participatory monitoring and evaluation in the field. We are constantly innovating to engender development initiatives.

BPF is a permanent partner of the Huairou Commission's Governance campaign and a research partner of Social Sector Development Strategies, Boston.


Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To capture the vast and diverse knowledge emerging from the development community, facilitate sharing and cross fertilisation of knowledge and create innovations that address the identified gaps. Towards this end, BPF strives to improve the quality of life for poor and marginalised communities through documentation, innovation, implementation and dissemination of best practices.

Our Vision: The Best Practices Foundation envisions widespread identification and institutionalisation of best practices in the fields of development, particularly in livelihoods, governance and gender equity. To fulfil this mandate, BPF aims to become an agile, knowledge-based innovation agency and a network hub for the institutionalisation of best practices through multi-sector partnerships.

Our guiding principles are fundamental to the way we operate and direct what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

  • Commitment to the ground: We seek participation, listen to voices and build innovations together with the communities to ensure their relevance.
  • Dynamic, flexible and multi-disciplinary approaches: We believe that for new solutions to emerge cross-learning that arises from synergies across disciplines and actors is vital.
  • Teamwork and effective collaborations: We encourage diversity and creatively use it to spread and adapt our innovations by fostering partnerships towards inclusive development.
  • Quality and integrity: We are committed to these values, which reflect in our work through our investment and critical reflection in both process and outcome.