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As an NGO focused on innovation, strategic alliances on mainstreaming and conducting research on best practices is a key strategy. As part of a larger alliance supporting federations, Best Practices Foundation is the acting secretariat, which aims to build autonomous and sustainable women’s collectives and CBOs. With Metscon we are creating technical platform that will support our growing ecosystem of CBOs and federations. Partnering with Solidarity Foundation enables us to use MOVE to reach the most marginalised in our society, the sexual minority and sex worker communities, giving them an opportunity to become economically stable. Our alliance with IIT 4 IIT is building a national level platform through which our expertise can be dispensed. All these alliances enable us to push forward with our work to strengthen institutions and allow for horizontal learning of best practices to be adapted across the country.

To understand more about these alliances please click through the links below.

IITians for Influencing India's Transformation

Leadership Project

METSCON Business Consultancy

Secretariat to the Alliance of Feminist Collectives