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Local Solutions to a National Problem: Innovations in Targeted Ininditerventions for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Karnataka, India, 2012

For Karnataka Health Promotion Trust (KHPT)

Content for blurb: A compendium of case studies representing unique, creative, localised and community-focused strategies to improve outreach and increase service delivery in the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Global Dialogues Evaluation Report: Asia Region, 2008

Sangeetha Purushothaman and Mukta Banerjee

The Global Dialogues programme was initiated by the Ford Foundation in 2002 to draw visibility and greater legitimacy to the area of human sexuality, and thereby influence decision-making. In evaluating the work of the South and South-East Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality, based in TARSHI, an NGO in New Delhi, this report analyses results, identifies effective and sustainable strategies, and examines how organisational development issues affect results.

Assessment of Decentralised Food Models in India's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Programme, 2007

Maggie Huff-Rousselle, Sangeetha Purushothaman, Namani Tirupathaiah, John L. Fiedler

The USAID-funded Supplementary Nutrition Programme is one of the six components of the ICDS scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Its main objective is to reduce childhood malnutrition. This report documents and analyses the operational feasibility, financial viability and impact of the Decentralised Food Model (DFM). It also examines its potential for replication and scale-up in collaboration with other government departments and programmes.